Lutheran Religion Standards

Nurturing lifelong faith and Christ-focused discipleship

Religion standards provide a concrete, objective framework for schools to utilize in hopes of providing an important tool that reflects Lutheran teaching. These standards strive to be engaging, accessible, and aligned with the needs of Lutheran Schools.

Standards are a means for a school to measure and assess its effectiveness and its performance.

Religion standards are a means for a Lutheran school to measure and assess its mission of discipleship by tracking learning objectives as students learn and grow.

Standards serve an important purpose and have great value to the school as it prepares its improvement goals and plans.

They are a tool for accountability, and they help to ensure a comprehensive curriculum.

They enable the school to determine what to assess and to evaluate the vertical alignment of the curriculum.

How are the standards organized?

The framework behind these religion standards begins with the goal of nurturing individuals in their lifelong, growing understanding of what it means to be a Christian and in the effort to encourage individuals in their faith through Christ-focused discipleship.

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